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Find out what is REALLY causing your chronic health condition.

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I look forward to helping you!

Phone consults are free after purchasing a Home EMF Tracing service.

First time callers, please make a donation to the smart meter opt-out fund and I will be more than happy to take time away from my family to help your family.

It goes both ways to make a healthy community.

The 4 main sources to eliminate:

• magnetic fields from bad wiring (shared neutrals, ground loops, etc.)

• wireless radio/microwave radiation sources (cell towers, electric meters, etc.)

• “dirty” electricity (smart meters, solar inverters, switch mode power supplies, etc.)

• high body voltage and “objectionable” current from cable TV, water pipes, etc.

Payment is required to reserve an appointment.

To reserve an appointment or phone time, please use PayPal or mail a check/cash. Call or email for mailing address info.

919.787.3022     andrew@raleighes.info

Home EMF Tracing: $325 (up to 4 hours).

$75 an hour beyond the 4 hours if more time is requested.

$100 drive-by quick assessments available in the RDU area

(30-60 min.)

Follow up visits, $100 for first hour (i.e. to work along with electricians) then only $50 an hour thereafter.

For locations beyond the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, add $50 an hour travel (i.e., Wilmington is $100). If you arrange for another to hire me for services on the same trip, there is no travel charge.

Within 24 hours prior to appointment, cancellation fee is $100.

Remainder applied to future services.

Full payment is required before the day of service.


Some of the Home EMF Assessment Equipment:


I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate your visit last week. I have never been more impressed by anyone I’ve ever met than I was with you.

Thanks for sharing your massive knowledge with those of us who suffer from EHS, you are a God send.


It's been almost a month since Andrew came to my house to help me with my electro-magnetic sensitivities. Using state-of-the-art tools which he allowed me to operate, he helped me find the best ways to reduce exposure and create safe spots. My symptoms have greatly improved and I feel a much greater sense of control over this problem which can make sufferers feel so helpless! If you have electro-magnetic sensitivities, I would very much suggest giving Andrew a call. He is an expert who really understands this growing problem. With compassion and professionalism, he is dedicated to helping sufferers find relief. And, he is available even after the assessment, to help guide you through recovery. It may be a battle, but you don't have to do it alone.

- Laura S. (Durham, NC)

Upon first speaking with Andrew I got a sense that he was passionate about EMF protection. He was extremely flexible with scheduling. When he came to the home, he put me at ease right away and he was compassionate about me wanting to protect myself from EMFs. He explained things to me first before he did them and he listened to everything I had to say respectfully. He took the time to do detail measuring of EMFs and he acted like a detective until he found the root(s) of pollution. Once he figured out source he offered lots of affordable options for addressing the problem including where to get EMF shielding products that were reliable.  He even offered to come back once all the changes were in place to ensure that the situation was resolved or to do further testing. I would hire and use Andrew again with no concerns. 

  1. -R.C. (Raleigh, NC

I'm sooo glad I found you online a couple of years ago. I never imagined that you would make a difference in the way that you have. 


Thank you for taking the time and working with me to provide valuable emf information to help me and my family. I learned so much from you and you definitely have a gift.


Aaronia Spectran HF 6065 V4

10MHz-6GHz Spectrum Analyzer with HyperLOG 7060 antenna

Great for tracking down frequencies from cell towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, cordless phones, AM/FM Radio, etc.


Gigahertz Solutions ME 3840B

Electric and Magnetic Field Meter

Gauss Meter measures AC Electric Fields and AC Magnetic Fields - 5 Hertz to 100 000 Hertz

See and hear what is being radiated (“dirty electricity”) into the room off of wires.


MSI-95 Single-Axis Gauss/Body Voltage Meter

  1. 1)METEX high quality Digital Multimeter, colored yellow

  2. 2)MAGCHECK Magnetic Field Probe, colored blue

Includes MC95 detachable sensor and cable, sensor output 1 mV per mG
25 Hz to 3000 Hz is -3 dB range (reading drops to 30% low at edges of -3 dB range)

A high quality meter that can measure field strength from 0.1 mG up to over 50 Gauss.  Very good as a body voltage meter when using a ground plug.


Magstick Tracer

Lets you hear audible tones generated by magnetic fields from AC electric currents. Good for very quick sweeps of any area to cut down on time finding wires and other sources of EMF.


Bell-4180 Three-Axis Gaussmeter

·  Triple-axis for fast, easy measurements

·  Compact and lightweight

·  Accurately measures AC magnetic field strength from 0.4 mG to 599 mG. 

·  Frequency range is 20 Hz to 2000 Hz

Fluke 287 True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter (body current)


Here is an article I wrote called:

Is EMF Radiation a Serious Threat to Your Family’s Health?

October 2014 Article Andrew McAfee.doc

Tracing Magnetic Fields (EMF) by Karl Riley


(This very important video is posted with permission from Karl Riley. Do not repost without permission.)


by Karl Riley


(See Karl’s Book: Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding)

Suggested Protocol for School Electricians for Correcting Wiring Errors Causing Net Current Magnetic Fields

by Karl Riley


To give you an idea of some of the “dirty” electricity or “noise” on the wires, here is an excerpt from a technical publication from EDN called Internet of Things in the Grid. It really is a must read for many reasons.

  1. As one would expect, there are many sources of noise on the power lines. They can be roughly classified in several classes: 

  2. Narrowband noise, that is mainly due to amplitude modulated signals (for example from broadcast stations). 

  3. Continuous background noise, which can be: 

  4. Time-invariant, having constant envelope for a long period (for example, thermal noise generated by internal circuitry). 

  5. Time-variant, whose envelope changes with line voltage (for example, noise from inverter-drive fluorescent lamps). 

  6. Impulsive noise, consisting of abrupt impulses with short duration and high amplitude. There are at least three categories of impulsive noise: 

  7. Impulses synchronous with AC line voltage, at the same frequency or double (for example, noise generated by light dimmers or brush motors). 

  8. Impulses asynchronous to AC line voltage, whose frequency is much higher than that of mains voltage (for example, noise from switching regulators). 

  9. Single-event impulses, that occur at random times, less frequently, and that are typically caused by switching operations (for example, wall switches or capacitor banks for power factor correction). 

  10. White noise is mostly generated by the devices connected to the power line, one possible source of noise that can disturb the reception of low communication signals is PLC transceiver’s circuitry, mainly its power supply.

  11. Switching-mode power supplies (SMPS) and regulators can be particularly problematic and their switching frequency should be carefully considered. SMPS may couple significant noise at the switching frequency or its harmonics back onto the mains power line. Also, a SMPS or a DC/DC switching regulator with improperly filtered output can produce noise and ripple on the transceiver DC supply voltages.”

  12. - Internet of Things in the Grid. Pg. 45-46

Caution, Grounding Pads and Sheets: Being Grounded Is Not Equal to Zero-Field Exposure

Martin H. Virnich, Martin Schauer


A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School




Dirty Electricity: detect, measure and eliminate it.


Wiring Errors as Violations of National Electric Code (NEC)


In these articles Karl discusses how magnetic fields are created due to un-canceled magnetic fields from wiring errors and current flowing on grounding paths, such as water service supply pipes and cable TV cables, all of which are violations of National Electric Code.

In particular, neutral-to-neutral wiring errors are, according to Karl, a violation of both NEC Code Section 301-3(b), which states, "all conductors of the same circuit -- including the neutral and all equipment grounding conductors -- must be run in the same raceway, cable tray, trench, cable, or cord," referenced here, as well as NEC Code Section 310-4, which, "prohibits connecting a neutral to another neutral such that a parallel return path to the panel is set up, unless the conductors are 1/0 or larger and meet exacting conditions," referenced here. Circuits in most residential settings are not larger than gauge 1/0, and therefore this provision applies.

Likewise, current flowing on grounding paths, whether ground wires within metal-clad or plastic (Romex) wiring, or the metallic sheathing surrounding metal-clad circuits, or on such metallic grounding paths as water pipes, natural gas lines, cable TV sheathing and the like, are also national electric code violations, specifically of Sections 250-24(a)(5) -- 1999 and 250-61(b).

In particular, Provision 250-24(a), according to Karl, "prohibits connecting of neutrals to any grounding connection on the load side of the service entrance main disconnect. Formerly this was 250-61(b)," referenced here. Karl says sections 250-23(a) and 250-61(b) both, "prohibit connecting neutrals to ground on the load side of the service entrance," referenced here.

Unfortunately, many electricians do not follow these provisions nor do electrical or home inspectors find these errors because, as Karl points out, junction boxes are not inspected. The electrician creates these errors out of expediency as a short cut, not knowing the potential for causing conditions that may result in a fire, let alone potentially causing adverse health risks to occupants. Wiring errors must be looked for and corrected, if present.

Magnetic Fields from Electric Current on Metal Water Service Supply Pipes

Ideally all electric current that enters the home on the hot conductors of the electric supply lines should leave the home on the neutral (return) conductor of the same electric supply lines. In actual fact, some of the return current also runs in and out of your home through a metal water service supply pipe and on the sheathing of the cable TV cable. This current then enters the homes of your neighbors via the metal city water main or cable company's lines. These grounding paths therefore interconnect the electrical systems of each home up and down the street with each other, including yours.

When present, current flowing on these parallel paths results in an unbalanced load between the hot conductors compared to the load on the neutral conductor of the electric drop service line coming into your house from the electric utility transformer. As noted above, some of this current is carried on the water pipes and the grounding conductor running in the slab or crawl space, and possibly in some of the interior walls and ceilings. It will also be carried on the electric drop service as it runs up the side of your house. All of this can create unhealthy magnetic field exposure in several rooms on the first and possibly second floors.


Earthing Mat?

American epidemiologist Sam Milham, a pioneer in EMF health effects, is wary of using earthing mats. “Most of the electricity delivered in North America now returns to the substations via the ground. Anyone using an earthing mat as directed is therefore being connected to the utility’s primary neutral return current. With an electrically clean ground, I’d be happy to use a mat, but I’m very reluctant to connect my body to the utility’s neutral return current.”


Should I Ground Myself and What's Wrong with Earthing Mats and Pads?


And for more details, see Oram Miller’s website : http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/earthing_pads.php

From Dr. Mercola:

Exposure to even small amounts of light from a television, your computer, tablet, or smartphone can interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, which helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Plus, when you're connected to the Internet, your phone or computer are communicating with nearby cell towers, which means they're also emitting low levels of radiation. One 2008 study revealed that people exposed to radiation from their mobile phones for three hours before bedtime had more trouble falling asleep and staying in a deep sleep.11, 12 If you do keep your devices in your room, make sure they are physically turned off along with your Wi-Fi router.

  1. Be mindful of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your bedroom. EMFs can disrupt your pineal gland and its melatonin production, and may have other negative biological effects as well. A gauss meter is required if you want to measure EMF levels in various areas of your home. If possible install a kill switch to turn off all electricity to your bedroom. If you need a clock, use a battery-operated one.