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Lyme, EMF, Autism and Mold

What you need to know

In trouble shooting the complexity of living with electro-sensitivity, I have frequently met people suffering from Lyme (Borreliosis) that are also ES (ElectroSensitive). 

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Dr. Klinghardt's Most Important Talk: "Exposure to WiFi & EMF's - Root Cause of Health Problems" (11:25)

'It's the exposure to  WiFi radiation, the electromagnetic fields that we are bathed in now that are ever-increasing that have been shown to unleash the retroviruses.”

Mycoplasmic infections have very similar symptoms to Lyme, MS, Chronic Fatigue and ES and may be the actual cause.


“Skin sensitivity and burning sensations may take much longer to resolve. Mycoplasma infections do invade nerves, and nerve‐related symptoms are among the more difficult to resolve.”

So if ES is an infection, what is in the body that resonates with the electricity to make us aware of its presence? I thought it was just too many heavy metals in the body and that by getting rid of the metals I would stop acting like an antenna.

But what if the bacteria, Lyme, or its number one co-infection, mycoplasma, is also what’s reacting to the electricity, RF/microwave, magnetic fields, etc.?

“...people experiencing electromagnetic sensitivity may in fact be experiencing an interaction between an infection (possibly unknown) in their body and electromagnetic fields.”

“ seems possible that EMF sensitivity may in fact be due to undiagnosed Lyme Disease or similar infection.”

At night, I noticed my brain swelling with the electricity on around me. Reducing my exposure to electric/magnetic fields at night has helped me sleep and reduce inflammation. Of course the RF/MW sources do the same to me as the EM fields. This leads me to believe that the infection in my brain is exacerbated by these sources, hence the swelling. This next quote is from a great website sustained by Dr. Mercola:

 “EMFs speed up the growth of microorganisms in your body and make them produce more biotoxins.”

Electromagnetic Fields:

Mold, Lyme Disease and Autism - Video

Treating the infection AND my internal environment, that contributed to the creation of the infection, has been an important factor in my recovery, as well as removing the radiation.

When a goldfish dies, we don’t say it must of had cancer, we know that the water must have not been changed enough.  Change the environment in our cells and body so the infection can not get a foothold or flourish. 

In this day and time it is extremely difficult to avoid ingesting/inhaling toxins and it is more likely that everyone has opportunistic diseases already within us just waiting to explode. All it takes is the body to be broken down enough for them to take hold in a toxic environment.

Yes it has been shown that seemingly everyone is electro- sensitive according to dark field microscopy blood work but not everyone can feel it.  See the movie “Take Back Your Power.” This may explain the difference between those with infections great enough to cause pain around EMF and those without systemic infections.

In the end, cell phones and other sources of RF/MW are still bad and need to be removed from our environment in either case.

Making ES people out to be the problem or separating them from the herd because they are the sick ones, is folly. We are here to wake people up before it is too late for them. The RF/MW radiation breaks people down and makes them more susceptible to opportunistic infections and explodes the existing infections in the body.

This is why it is so important to minimize or eliminate sources of RF/MW before one AND after one gets sick.

Mycoplasma – Often Overlooked In Chronic Lyme Disease

by Scott Forsgren

In Kuwait, many people had become quite ill. It was estimated that 25% of the population after the Gulf War had signs and symptoms which matched the symptoms of those infected with weaponized Mycoplasma.

Neurodegenerative and Neurobehavioral Diseases

“...85% of ALS patients (and 100% of Gulf War veterans with ALS) have bacterial infections caused by Mycoplasma species (see the publications below).  In addition, other bacteria, such as the Lyme Disease Borrelia burgdorfii may also be involved in some patients.”

Studies on Gulf War Illnesses: Chronic Infections

Identification of Mycoplasmal Infections in Gulf War Illness Patients and their Family Members:

Scientists at The Institute for Molecular Medicine have found that slightly under one-half of the very sick Gulf War Illness patients in a pilot study with the signs and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia Syndrome have chronic invasive infections involving certain uncommon mycoplasmas, such as Mycoplasma fermentans. This has now been confirmed in a large Department of Defense - Department of Veterans' Affairs clinical trial.

Mycoplasma Homeopathic Remedies (by prescription)

Curing Lyme Disease (Lyme disease is a U.S. Military bio-weapon)


Natural Cures for Mycoplasma

Treating mycoplasma fermentans involves destroying and removing the bacteria from the system. Specific treatment options include borax, calcium and clove oil. These elements are used to breakdown and successively remove bacteria from the body.