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Green vs. Clean Home

Build your home EMF Clean (low electromagnetic fields) with low body voltage/pressure, low contact electrical current, low dirty electricity and without unhealthy wiring problems that cause magnetic fields and EMFs. 

Use this Electrician/Contractors Punch List to ensure low EMF levels.

Find out all the ways existing electrical practices make people sick. Your electricians do not have the equipment nor training to check what causes EMFs (bundled neutrals, dirty electricity, ground loops, stapled Romex wires, etc.). In fact, their very common installation practices are part of the problem. As a consultant, I can work with your contractor and electricians to ensure the wiring, Service Equipment, and grounding is healthy and your electricity is filtered from the incoming grid “noise.”

If you are buying or selling your home, this is an extremely important window of time. Besides having great control over your future health, you can add value/curb appeal by advertising that your home is EMF Clean. No one else can offer this in North Carolina.

Schedule a Home EMF Tracing

If you are buying, you absolutely need to check it for these following significant factors which can cause you and your family injury and/or a debilitating chronic illness. Typical home inspections do NOT look for these factors below, nor do electricians. In fact, they will most likely try to convince you there is nothing wrong with magnetic fields.

Fortunately, there is a movement now that addresses these problems in homes to stop this source of disease. Unfortunately, many “Green” builders don’t know about Electro-Magnetic Field safety and largely don’t care.

Exactly How The New "5G" EMFs Will Make Us Sick with Dr. Jack Kruse (Electrosmog Rx free preview)


Sure, mold, radon, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, asbestos and other construction materials are serious considerations. But, EMFs will kill you faster, not only by making any mold condition much worse, but by creating more chronic stress and inflammation inside your body, subsequently reducing your immunity (the two factors most doctors say are the root of all disease) and actually increase the poisons released internally by the mold. The EMFs kill your mitochondrial function, the ability to oxygenate your body and metabolize your food for energy.

To begin with, the electrical grid is designed to benefit the company, not the customer. The power companies have saved a lot of money by having a multi-grounded system to be “beneficial” for the transformer (fewer burn-outs), but not for the home-owner’s health.  Since @ 1913, against many objections, water lines have been bonded to the ground rod and also used as the only grounded conductor. Current runs from house to house on the water pipes and can create massive health problems. In addition to water pipes, I have been finding “objectionable” current on ground rods and cable TV lines (and many times more on the cable). This isn’t right (and is a code violation) and is unsafe and unhealthy. One option is to install a current separator on the water pipes and a ground loop isolator on the cable TV line.

It is astounding to hear about the wireless appliances and gadgets that are now being placed in newer homes and the plans for the future IoT, the Internet of Th.pdf

The radiation emitted by these devices, the “smart” appliances, “smart” electric meter and other features, create a soup of poison that stimulates cancer, hormone irregularities, mood swings, blood sugar spikes, MS type symptoms, fatigue, headaches, etc. These gadgets also create a lot of “dirty” electricity on wires that is beamed out of lights, TV screams, computer monitors and can also radiate off the wires into the room.

Magnetic fields are created through a very common electrical practice by “bundling” the neutrals together. This creates multiple return pathways for the electricity and creates a magnetic field between all of these return pathway wires. The magnetic field will also carry the “dirty” electricity signals and other information and signals. Magnetic fields have been shown to be linked to Leukemia a whole host of negative side effects and serious diseases.

To say the least, the EMF aspect of the home MUST be addressed. The easiest and least expensive time to ensure the home is wired correctly is when it is being constructed!!! If you are building a home, get an EMF specialist to consult with the electricians. I have a protocol as a part of my EMF Clean Building Practices booklet.

Do not allow them to use metal staples on the Romex wires but use MC Cable (Metal Clad) or hang the wire using plastic fittings. Keep the wires away from living and sleeping spaces.

No shared neutrals and no dimmer switches but use different powered lights and colors from certain clean halogen and incandescent lights. LEDs can be problematic even though they are extremely efficient. They need to have the right daylight color (2700) and be filtered using Stetzer and/or Greenwave type filters.

There are more expensive and healthy coils (DNA Line Filters) that burn the “dirty” electricity off as heat, rather than returning the energy on the neutral wire through the house. Install outlets off the A and B phases and filter the “dirty” electricity from ever entering the home and then only add more filters as needed with TVs and computers. You should need no more than 4 to 6 filters well placed filters.

Buying your own transformer and having your own ground system can avoid some of the major problems with return currents entering you home (from homes around you). This can be explored with the home owner who really cares, wants it done right and spares no expense.

Solar panels are great but inverters (DC to AC) are a “dirty” electricity nightmare! Massive filtration is needed to lower the “dirty” electricity from inverters. This is such an important area to address or you will be getting sick, having allergies, mood swings, etc. and not know why. If you are “green” with solar panels, you have major “dirty” electricity in your home. Get it filtered out.

Ensure there is low body voltage and no current running through the bed and living areas and through your body. This is vitally important for everyone especially to get good sleep (no disrupted melatonin production). Where and how to run wires to ensure they won’t bleed energy is an extremely important factor in construction.

Here is more detailed information about a Home EMF Tracing. Build or sell your home as a Healthy Home, not just a Green Home. Don’t close on a home until you have had a Home EMF Tracing!



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