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NCUC Responds to Consumer Statements with New Med Form Requirements!


1. That DEC shall remove from its Rider MRM tariff the provision requiring customers to recertify their need to avoid exposure to RF emissions.

2. That DEC shall revise its medical release form as detailed in the body of this Order.

3. That DEC shall revise its MRM Plan to state that it shall be the customer’s option to use the physician’s verification made available by DEC, or a comparable physician’s statement.

ISSUED BY ORDER OF THE COMMISSION. This the 4th day of September, 2018.

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A Big Win!

Landmark Decision by the NC Utilities Commission Removes Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees! June 22, 2018

"... the Commission believes it is inappropriate to require customers who maintain that they need to avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect their health to pay DEC’s proposed smart meter opt-out charges. Therefore, the Commission will require DEC to amend its Rider MRM to remove the customer charges for those customers who provide the Company with a notarized statement from a medical physician licensed by the North Carolina Medical Board that the customer must avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect their health. Upon receipt of such statement, the Company shall waive both the one-time and the monthly fees under Rider MRM. The Commission further requires that such medical statements must be handled and processed by the Company in a secure and confidential manner to protect customer privacy."

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Thoughts on the Decision

Here is a Public Notary For Wake Co. 

Sherry 919-321-7878 snduncan@hotmail.com


My thoughts and the highlights...

You can say no to Duke Energy's wireless meter. But you'll need a doctor's note.

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Smart Meters


SMART METER OPT OUT OPTIONS AND FEES – latest additions Nov 6, 2016


Data Analytics Company Brags on Its Efficient "Smart" Meter Spying Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona ~ February 17, 2016


"We take energy consumption data from smart meters and sensors, we analyze it using our patented algorithms, and build a highly personalized profile for each and EVERY utility customer. 

We then tag this profile with a key behavioral attitudinal and lifestyle characteristics that we have identified. We even tag the appliances that we see being used in the home. 

Company Brags.pdf

EKG Proof That “Smart” Meters Affect the Human Heart

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward

Sedona, Arizona ~ May 16, 2017


Read about this electrical engineer’s findings.

"The switching mode power supply circuit is lacking effective Ground References, Lightning Protection and “Common Mode” EMI filters. The circuit boards are lacking a direct local connection to a Zero voltage potential ground at the meter to sink (ground) the current and voltage oscillations of the circuit boards."


Problem with Smart Meters.pdf

BUY YOUR OWN ANALOG Electric Utility Meter!


~Smart Meters are DANGEROUS to our HEALTH and violate our PRIVACY~

If you live in North Carolina, I would like your help by taking this 10 question survey on the health effects of “smart” meters.


"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time

- Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt


60 Reasons Why NOT to have a Smart Meter


Jerry Day - Smart Meters - Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14


Smart Meter Hell in Sedona

Watch 10 Minute Video of Organic Farmer Marianna Heartsong Re: Smart Meters

As a permaculturist she notices abnormal changes: unhealthy chicken eggs; changes in laying patterns; broccoli plant abnormalities; and bee die off. She also had eye problems,
and other health effects. 


After multiple house fires in Saskatchewan caused directly by "smart" meters,

SaskPower is recalling and removing all 105,000 meters ...

”I am an engineer. I have used technology my entire adult life – cell phones, smart phones, wi-fi, laptops, you name it. I really enjoyed all of this and had no issues or fears related to technology. Then, when a bank of smart meters were put next to our apartment, both my wife and I starting experiencing headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and tinnitus. Within a couple weeks, I could no longer use a cell phone without the same symptoms. Within a month, I could feel the microwave radiation from cell towers. I have had to completely change my life because of this.” – Jeromy Johnson, Professional Engineer

”I am VERY ill from the Smart Meters! And I am just putting together all the ways this equipment is ruining my health. This needs to stop NOW!” – W.T., San Mateo County, California

“I’ve had the Smart Meter installed in my home several years ago. I am now wondering if the Smart Meter was the cause of my sudden onset chronic headaches and dizziness, vertigo that has left me about 25% functional to this day.” – G.T., Sacramento, California
See more at: http://www.naturalhealth365.com/science_news/0901_smart_meters.html#sthash.wTW4drtn.dpuf

See Internet of Th.pdf

which talks about how smart meters are tied into real time visual tracking as well. Excerpt is from a technical publication from the EDN Must Reads called Internet of Things in the Grid.

An RF engineer's technical report confirms that smart meters cause an antenna effect when connected to electrical distribution systems, resulting in extraordinary RF exposures that are significantly higher than those reported in isolated laboratory testing.

Stop Smart Meters New York (SSMNY) hired an RF engineering firm named Isotrope "[t]o evaluate the devices in situ" and to make "a field survey of the various emissions of concern, employing an array of electronic test equipment."  Isotrope concluded, among other things, that the radiated- and conducted-emissions testing of electrical meters that was performed by the FCC "does not replicate actual conditions...." By contrast, when Isotrope tested a meter in usage as intended, connected to a home wiring grid, "the conducted emissions from the meter at 915 MHz ISM frequencies in a residence was observed to be substantial,"

This confirms what we refer to as the antenna effect of smart meters, which results in emissions that far exceed those reported when meters are tested in a laboratory setting, disconnected from wiring.  The Isotrope Report goes on to state that "if the 915 MHz conducted energy were to be held to the same standard as 30 MHz, the level of the 915 MHz conducted energy from the AMR meter would fail."

The Isotrope report thus substantiates that smart meters cause an extraordinary RF/MW antenna effect on electrical distribution systems when they are used as intended, rather than in the isolation of a testing laboratory.

See Isotrope Report:

Report on Examination of Selected Sources of Electromagnetic Fields at Selected Residences in Hastings on Hudson


PUC approves 'smart' meter opt-out options

By Tux Turkel tturkel@mainetoday.com





Smart Meters & Public Health

SmartMeterDangers.org provides educational and scientific information to the public about health effects and other problems related to wireless smart meters.


Have you heard of Smart Meters?  They will coming to your neighborhood – and they are not smart, but they are dangerous and are creating a looming public health disaster.

The story begins with the premise that electric grids are outdated, overburdened, can’t handle inconsistent green sources like wind, and cannot always move electricity around to where it is needed. So power companies are replacing simple, functioning meters with ones which will communicate constantly with headquarters, advising them of your every electrical usage; eventually meters will communicate with your appliances, and utility companies will have the ability to turn them down or off to balance the greater electric grid.   

What is particularly concerning about smart meters is they put out both electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency radiation (RFR).  RFR comes from the signals between meters, poles, and the station. The meters will transmit pulses of microwave energy up to every minute, around the clock, and repeat the signals from neighboring meters in what’s called a "mesh network"; additional antennas will be installed on light and power poles.

This kind of microwave pulsing works differently than more continuous cell phone radiation, and is more dangerous.  It particularly affects the brain, nervous system, and hormones, disrupting the functioning of body systems and causing leakage of your blood-brain barrier.

Typical acute symptoms are reported to include migraine headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, forgetfulness and confusion, tinnitus, tingling, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, anxiety, ­and a general reduction from prior levels of functionality.  Systems go into hyper-arousal, as with severe stress, ultimately leading to the collapse ("burnout").  Cumulative exposure causes DNA breaks which ultimately lead to cancer.

EMFs come from the resistance the meters add to electrical lines; the more devices you and your neighbors have on your electric lines (such as the black boxes for remote phones and chargers) the more this interferes with the flow of electricity.  This additional high-frequency load is then re-radiated throughout the interior space.  It is called “dirty electricity”, and is related to a host of health problems similar to those described above.

Risk of developing serious symptoms, often referred to as "electrical sensitivity", increases the longer our chronic exposure to EMFs and RFRs continues.  Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health problems are particularly vulnerable.

Meters have other major liabilities including over-billing and security and privacy concerns.  A cyber security firm tested 5 different brands of smart meters, and found that they all could be easily hacked into, allowing someone to remotely shut down your power, inflate your bills, tell if you're out-of-town (making you a target for burglary), commit identity theft, or even bring down the whole electricity grid. (For more details, see www.denverpost.com/frontpage/ci_15106430). There also are safety issues, like your popping ground fault interrupters (GFI) or actually starting a fire.  In a recent official filing, PG&E confirmed that its smart meters can damage customers' sensitive electronics.

Some research is showing that claims of energy savings are phony green washing.  It takes energy to broadcast all those pulses, day and night.  Think of all the working meters being thrown out and the energy to make new ones.  In order to function, people would have to buy all new appliances; hardly an overall energy savings to get rid of useable appliances; and they could cost more as they'd have this communication device in them.  Then you need to set up a home computer network to manage and monitor everything – if you have time and can figure it out.

Very disturbing is the concept of giving a utility the right to turn down or off any or all of our appliances if/when it so chooses.  This could be dangerous for elderly, the infirm, or babies who need safe-for-them temperatures; and what about people with oxygen machines, heart monitors, CPAPs, etc.?

Bottom line – who gives anyone/company the right to bathe us in EMFs and RFRs?  Is this not a violation of our constitutional rights? 

We must be given the right to opt out. Council on Wireless Technology Impacts (CWTI), 936-B 7th St., # 206, Novato, CA 94945 (purrycomo@jps.net) has created a letter for doctors to sign, with helpful references. Alexander Binik, Executive Director, DE-Toxics Institute, Fairfax, CA, is working tirelessly to provide updated information.  I am indebted to him for much of this article. 

Sandy Ross, healthhab@igc.org

You may not have noticed but there are cell antennas going up in residential neighborhoods all over Rhode Island, maybe even on your street. They hang discretely from ordinary utility wires and unless you're looking for them you'd probably never notice them.   Because I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which includes severe sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, I recently purchased a radiation detector. I'd checked all the areas I normally travel to in town in order to avoid things like cell towers and Wi-Fi.  But recently I'd been feeling worse than usual despite the precautions I take and I wanted to know why.  I turned my meter on to recheck the area, and was shocked to find a microwave transmitting device had been installed right on the corner of my street.  Then I began finding them all over town.

The units going up all over my neighborhood are a new type of cell antenna and box called a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that emits radiation for 800 feet in all directions. They are basically cylindrical-shaped black boxes--repeaters that push wireless signals through the areas between cell towers.  There appears to be a mad rush by industry to get these antennas installed as quickly as possible, and I suspect this is because the general public is starting to get savvy about the dangers. There is good reason to be concerned when high-powered microwave transmitters are literally placed outside people's bedroom windows and near our public schools and shopping centers.

This is a particularly dangerous and life-threatening situation for people like me, and those with chronic health issues, pregnant women, children, and the elderly are also at greater risk. At this point I cannot safely take a walk on my street, go to the bank, visit my doctor, go to the grocery store, or pick up my child from school without being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. I have been experiencing headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, insomnia, muscle aches, weakness, and burning eyes, throat, and skin every time I am exposed to these DAS units.

Most people living and working in close proximity to these antennas have no idea these devices have been installed, what they are, or that they're being exposed to dangerous levels of microwave radiation right in their own homes or while on the job. Many are already sick, but don't realize the source of their illness. The danger of radiation is that you cannot see it, hear it, or smell it. People with MCS/ES can literally feel the effects of radiation on their skin, but most people cannot. This puts the general public at an extreme disadvantage with regard to recognizing the hazards because many of the symptoms they do experience are also common to the flu. Doctors in the U.S. are not typically trained to recognize the signs of radiation poisoning (in other countries they are).  With chronic exposure these symptoms might eventually be misdiagnosed as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, or Lyme Disease.  Cognitive and neurological symptoms can lead to anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia.  If not removed from the source of radiation or with repeated exposures, one can develop autoimmune or neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, or leukemia.

So look out your bedroom window.  Scan the parking lot where you shop, the streets where you're typically stuck in traffic, and your child's bus top and play areas.  Do you see something hanging from the utility wire or a pole in the parking lot that you never noticed before?   Most people assume that federal authorities are protecting us from any potential danger with regard to radiation-emitting devices, but this simply isn't true.  Scientists around the world are warning that existing radiation standards are completely inadequate to protect public health because they are not biologically-based. So in effect, the telecom industry is completely unregulated and that is putting your health and your children's health at risk.

When the federal government isn't minding the store, it's up to citizens, town administrators, state agencies, and elected officials to educate themselves and take action.  You can read more about this issue and how Long Island residents are demanding protection from these devices by visiting  http://www.dontcellout.com/ .  Here you will find a picture of a typical DAS unit, and other models can be found by doing an on-line search.  This is a public health crisis of exponential proportions that is playing out in communities all across this country.  It is coming to your town soon if it hasn't already.  The public needs to take action because it is only a matter of time before a DAS unit is hanging outside of YOUR home. Please call or write your elected officials before it is too late.


Mary Adkins, M.Ed.
Rhode Island Regional Director
Citizens for Safe Technology

(401) 284-4530

Please check it out how strong the EMF’s are from smart meters.

Multiple Smart Meters on the living room wall of a Stratford Home


Stratford smart meter 1


Multiple Smart Meters on Townhouses in Stratford, Ontario


Stratford Smart Meter Killing Shrub